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Does wood plastic composite need do the PCP testing?

From: Huangshan Huasu New Material Science & Technology Co., Ltd
publisher: HOHEcotech
Time: 2017-01-12
Summary: #PCP(Pentachlorophenol),is a raw material of wood preservatives.

#PCP(Pentachlorophenol),is a raw material of wood preservatives.

PCP testing is mainly for wood products.

With the gradual maturity of #wpc ,formula and production process are same with plastic products production,
so the harmful substances comprehensive test is suitable for #wpc,such as #REACH test.

If we do the PCP testing with #wpc products,the results are always ND(undetectable).

#woodplasticcomposite and preservative wood, are two different industries, the raw materials technology used is completely different.

Here is the REACH test report of  #Huasuwpc as below:



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