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Know more about Huasu inspection equipment

publisher: Huasu WPC
Time: 2016-11-05

To strictly control the quality, ensure the quality stability, Huasu built  the first Engineering Technology Center in Huangshan,  and let us know more about the main inspection equipments.

UV Accelerated Weathering Tester


Taber Abrasion Resistance Test Machine




CEN/TS 15676-2007


 Mean value: 68

ISO 4892-2:2013

Weathering test for 300 hours

 ΔE=3.24, gray scale3-4

ISO 11359-2:1999

Thermal properties

 29.6*10-6  K -1

prEN 15534-1:2012

Linera mass

 Mean Value: 4.2 kg/m

Deviation from Straightness

(for profiles)

 Max value

 Flatwise: 0.33 mm

 Edgewise: 0.20 mm


 Max value: 0.4 mm

Falling mass impact resistance

 Energy level: 20 J

 Code: (23,20)

Flexural properties

 MOR: 28.7 MPa

 MOR: 3749 MPa

Greep behavior

 Mean value:

 ΔS=0.42 mm

 ΔSr=0.99 mm

Boiling Test

 Mean value


In thickness: 2.20%

In length: 0.08%

In width: 0.04%

 Water absorption: 0.9%




Pendulum Impact Testing Tester


Electro-Thermostatic Water Tank

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