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FAQ WPC profile 2

Q1: Is it wearable?

A1: it is high wear resistance, 0.15g/1000 turn (ASTM D2394).

Q2; Will it fade?

A2; Long-term use of a slight signs of fading.

Q3: What's the shape can be made?

A3: A width of not more than 400mm, a thickness of not more than 50mm, a length less than 20m, in the same direction of the uniform structure profiles, profile.

Q4: what's the using life?

A4: WPC material is superior performance, service life of more than 15 years.

Q5: Can be used outdoors?

A5: Various properties of the material so that the effect is very good for outdoor use, the product itself is used outdoors.

Q6: Is it Toxic?

A6: No toxicity.its human toxic effects.

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